Rules Before You Rent

LATE ORDERS:  Orders cannot be placed after 12:00 PM the day before the event. If an order is placed after the deadline, we cannot guarantee your jump will be delivered even if the order is paid in full. Instead, you will receive a refund.

DEPOSITS:  Each order requires a deposit of 25% of the total order price. The deposit is non-refundable, but if the order is cancelled before 12:00 PM the day before your event, we will hold your deposit for 90 days from the day of your event. We cannot make exceptions on this rule.

TABLES/CHAIRS/CONCESSIONS: If you rent only tables, chairs, concessions, and/or generators, the customer must pick these up as they will NOT be eligible for delivery.

DELIVERY:  When placing your order keep in mind that an adult over the age of 18 must be available two hours before and after your event. Routes are made based upon our orders, so in order to deliver everyone’s equipment on time some people will receive their orders earlier than their scheduled time, and some people will keep their orders later than their scheduled time. If the order is delivered earlier or kept later, it is at no extra charge to the customer.

PARKS:  If the event will be held in the park, there will be a park fee. An adult must be present with the rental the entire duration, including any time before or after the scheduled time if it was delivered early or kept later. If you leave your rental at the park and equipment is stolen, you will be charged for the stolen equipment.

BAD WEATHER:  In the event of bad weather, if you choose to keep your rental and the weather affects it, we cannot give a refund. To deliver jumps, we have to clean them, sanitize them, and deliver them. If you do not cancel before your rental, you will be charged full price as we have to pay our employees for their work.

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